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Benjamin, Chaise & Associates-Debt Collection Myths

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Benjamin, Chaise & Associates-Debt Collection Myths

Category: Bus.-General

1888 Press Release - Benjamin Chaise&Associates, America’s best Collection Agency reveals the top two misconceptions about Debt Collectors and debunks the negative myths associated with the Debt Recovery Industry.

Throughout the years, the Debt Collection Industry has received a bad reputation of being the bad guys. Many people associate the industry with poor customer service, overly aggressive, & unsympathetic Debt Collectors. However, this is simply not always the case. While it is the Debt Collectors main priority to recover unpaid debts, at Benjamin, Chaise & Associates we do so in a very discrete, professional, proprietary manner. Our sophisticated approach of collecting has even mended many business relationships that were severed when the debt was incurred.

Brock Peterson, Managing Debt Collection Specialist, states that just about all third party Collection Agencies are misunderstood. The top 2 myths about Debt Collectors:

1.    Debt Collectors are solely out to harass debtors. "Most people assume Debt Collectors are supposed to harass and threaten debtors until the money is paid. That is far from the truth! Our Collectors at Benjamin, Chaise are taught to listen to the debtors, review and research any complaint they might have to determine the best way to address the situation, all while staying complaint to our strict collection guidelines. They don’t cross the line with the debtors, they are very diligent with every case” He goes on to say; “Our Debt Collection Specialist are trained not to scold or criticize debtors about finances but instead to guide them and help them separate their wants from their needs so that they can have the extra cash to pay back. The best way to recover outstanding monies, is to talk to them in a cordial sophisticated manner about the matter so that they can come to a mutual arrangement with the debtor to resolve it, and quite frankly that’s the only way to get it done"

2.    Debt Collectors can push debtors to file bankruptcy. "Reality is that, that would be the last thing we want them to do as once they do, the chances for recovery are slim to none specially if they are approved (discharged). Our Debt Collection Specialist will not advise a debtor to file for bankruptcy and as a matter of fact they are trained to listen and understand the consumer's financial problems and work out a flexible payment arrangement that will work for them as to not to force them into bankruptcy. Our Debt Collectors are not only here to resolve cases, but they also serve as Financial Counselors in some situations that eventually helps debtors stay away from getting in debt again."

A third party Collection Agency is not a debtor's enemy, Peterson concludes. "While Debt Collectors want to satisfy the original creditor by recovering owed monies, they also want to make sure the debtor is financially able to make the payment and has a good experience while paying so that eventually once all said and done everyone walks away happy" he says. "Good Collection Agencies make it their business to work with debtors to resolve cases and always in the best terms possible giving it a good chance at restoring the broken relationship."

Benjamin Chaise & Associates is headquartered in West Hills, California. As America’s Collectors we are committed to recovering your funds in the fastest time possible all while doing it in the most businesslike, proficient method. We believe that every debtor has the ability to pay if motivated correctly. We DO NOT alienate the debtors; we align ourselves with them and offer a variety of ways to rectify the matter in the most expeditious fashion. Be proactive and contact us regarding any past due accounts to see how we may assist you before it’s too late. Email us at signup ( @ ) benjaminchaise dot com or call us at 844-733-4770 for a consultation dot


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