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Part-time jobs to Help you Fund your Startup

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Part-time jobs to Help you Fund your Startup

Category: Bus.-General

Setting up a business is an expensive task; it will cost you time and effort,  but most of all, money. If you are looking for additional income to help you through your business's teething years, but still donít want to commit to a permanent job, here are five flexible sources of extra cash that you can manage in your own time.

Freelance writing
If you enjoy writing, becoming a freelance writer can be a fun and rewarding way to earn an extra bit of cash. Entering this field of work will require a bit of experience and portfolio building first, so be prepared to invest some of your spare hours into starting your own blog or website. Once youíve built up a bit of a portfolio, you may be able to bring in a bit of business by reaching out to popular blogs and websites and offering to write content for them. Be sure to research the websites you offer to, and for better results make sure to suggest your own article ideas. Many websites will only be looking for voluntary work, but building your experience with them can help lead to greater opportunities to build income in the future. 

Everyone has knowledge they can share, so why not consider becoming a tutor? Tutoring a student can be a highly satisfying job while still providing a great bit of steady income on the side. As a tutor, you can teach anything from a musical instrument to another language, so consider what subjects you are good at and start practicing your teaching skills. Customers should be easiest to find online, so try advertising your services on websites such as Facebook, FirstTutors and Gumtree. Once you have worked with a few different students, you should be able to bring in steady business by encouraging referrals from your clients. 

Property Letting 
If youíre lucky enough to own multiple properties, renting out a spare flat or building can be a lucrative way to earn extra income. A successful landlord career relies on good communication, well-chosen tenants and a strong knowledge of all laws and policies related to letting, so be sure to brush up on your knowledge of the legal requirements of starting in your country. Other tasks, such as advertising your vacancy, providing maintenance and insuring your property will also have an impact on the success of your landlord career, so make time to read plenty of the information available online for new landlords getting started. 

Uber Driving
Since starting in 2009, Uber has transformed the taxi industry by providing any car driver with the power to offer lift services. Independent drivers only need to sign up through the mobile app and after a quick background check should be able to start working usually within a week of initial applying. Working with Uber is a relatively easy job that can be done whenever the driver chooses, however it is worth noting that demand can vary around different events and times of the day. Many Uber drivers have to work long shifts and late hours to stay busy, however, if you fancy the idea of getting paid for driving it might be the job for you.

Freelance Programmer

 If youíre a particularly tech savvy person, a part-time career in programming could put you in high demand. Many small businesses are looking to get online and so offering services such as website building, app building or SEO should help provide you with plenty of extra work. Building a strong relationship with your clients is important for understanding their digital needs and making sure that what you build meets their vision, so make sure  to work with clients that you can communicate with. For anyone looking to build on their skills many free guides are available from a quick Google search. 

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Harry Thompson Harry Thompson
Date: 8/1/2017
Time: 04:53
A very helpful article. I'm going to start freelancing and hope that these advice will help me out. Thanks
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