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Retire This Year

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Author: WiseSaver
Posted: 7/29/2007
Views: 2,929
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Retire This Year

Category: Retirement Planning

How many times have you been at work thinking that you would love to just retire now? Maybe you really love what you do but are tired of making a fraction of what your boss collects for the work you do and are just ready to call it quits. No matter what your reason for wanting to retire now, there might be an answer.

You may want to start by trying some freelance work from home part-time. Most people do not even realize how many of these jobs are available.

Some people find that they can quickly earn as much money working part-time doing freelance work as they make working full-time for their employer. Once you can establish themselves as a freelance professional and you may reach that point where you are making as much as you are currently make full-time, you will finally have the opportunity to retire from your crazy job.

It's also now easy to market your availability for freelance jobs or services. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find all the business you need to kick start your work-at-home retirement career. Websites have thousands of jobs in their database and can send you daily emails of projects and hot jobs for all types of freelance work.

Freelancing can give you the ability to just quit! Retire from your crazy job. If you have replaced your income, you can just keep doing freelance work part-time and use your new free time to enjoy your retirement lifestyle!

So if you really want to leave the rat race and retire this year, make a plan and make it happen. No matter what your motivations or goals may be, finding freelance work may bring your dreams of early retirement closer to reality.

Eden Paul is a CPA and small business owner who enjoys helping others follow their dreams by using a great freelance community like GoFreelance.

For more information and ideas on how to start working for yourself, visit http://www.freelanceworkreview.com.

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