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Comparing Car Insurance Rates Online

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Bogie Boric

Author: Bogie Boric
Posted: 8/17/2010
Views: 9,661
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Comparing Car Insurance Rates Online

Category: Insurance

If you want to make the most of your budget, a great place to start is with your car insurance.  Different companies can charge dramatically different rates for the same level of protection.  In fact, rates can vary by more than $1,000!  So it pays to shop around. Getting multiple auto insurance quotes will give you the best opportunity to save money without sacrificing security or service.


Traditionally people have shopped for car insurance by phone or mail or by contacting a local agent.  But now more and more people are finding it faster, easier and more convenient to do it online.  In fact, some companies can give you a quote in about five minutes!


Almost all major companies offer online quotes as well as online customer service.  You can even purchase your car insurance online if you like the price.  To really save time, websites such as insurance.com offer the ability to get quotes from multiple companies without having to complete multiple quote forms.  Just fill out the form once and in minutes youíll know which company gives you the best price.


But to get a better understanding of the features and service a company offers you may want to contact them yourself.  The service you get shopping is a good indicator of what you can expect if you purchase a policy.  You can also find out about the companyís history and make sure theyíre a reputable company.


No matter how you choose to shop online, you need to be prepared before you start.  Take a few minutes to make sure you have the following information available. 

Your Current Insurance Declarations Page

-- By matching your current deductibles and coverage limits you can be sure youíre getting the same protection.

Vehicle Information

-- Year make model and VIN

-- Annual miles and distance to work

-- Value of any custom or after-market equipment

-- Type of alarm or theft recovery device

Driver Information (For each household member old enough to drive)

-- Drivers name, occupation, gender, number of years licensed, and Driverís License number.

-- Any accidents or violation in the past 3 years including dates, who was at fault, if someone was injured and the claim amount.


And donít just shop price.  Many people mistakenly believe that you get the same coverage and features from one company to the next.  But thatís simply not true.  What one company includes at no additional cost, another company may charge you extra for, or may not offer at all. Itís not a bargain if the company you choose doesnít provide the service and value you expect.

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