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Rikki Grooms
Rikki Grooms

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Rikki Grooms
Profile Information
Profile URL: www.artofsaving.com/pf4tp
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Location: Maryland
Education: Post grad / George Mason University
Company: Personal Finance 4 The People
Blog: http://personalfinance4thepeople.blogspot.com/
Last Login: 7/31/2012
About Rikki Grooms

I started PF4TP because I was struggling financially & began seeking out financial material on the web. As I learned more & my financial situation slowly changed others began asking me to assist them and it grew from there. I earned a BA in Sociology from Mary Baldwin College & a MA in Sociology from George Mason University, so my view on personal finance tends to be more focused on the whys and how’s in addition to the individual circumstances themselves. I believe nothing happens in a vacuum, meaning there are forces at work that cause or stifle growth and independence; the cause may be the individual themselves or some aspect of society. Changing ones financial circumstances is not simple a financial change, it is a whole mindset change.

Rikki Grooms
PF4TP fills the void in our society that leaves many individuals disenfranchised due to their economic standing. I believe an individuals' circumstances are as much cyclical as they are personal. If generations of a particular group have struggled financially with no way of breaking this cycle, the cycle continues. The main objective for PF4TP is to work with individuals, community organizations, schools, other non-profits, to teach and empower. I work with individuals on a 1-to1 basis's, providing guidance in their journey towards financial independence. With this financial independence comes power, those in society who have a strong grasp on their own finances are afforded more luxuries in life & are able to give back to their community
Rikki Grooms's Financial Goals
1. To EMPOWER financially
2. To EDUCATE financially
3. To get individuals ENGAGED in their finances
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