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Recent Questions
What are some creative ways to save money?
Telecom Advisor
1/13/2009 22:11
Finance: Personal Finance
5 replies | Reply
Rental House - Gift vs Inheritance. My mother has a rental house for 23 years and now she wants to give it to me . What is the tax consequence? Ho...
1/13/2009 18:54
Finance: Tax Planning
1 reply | Reply
I'm leaving an employer, and have paid most of my deductible for 2009 already. If I switch to COBRA, does my deductible reset? Or is it a continuation...
Kids' Directories
1/13/2009 12:14
Finance: Insurance
1 reply | Reply
My mom's IRA has gone down 60% just in 2008...? She has lost $14K of her IRA in 2008. With only $11K or her IRA left and no guarantee for a recovery,...
Heather Nieves
1/12/2009 21:46
Finance: Financial Planning
2 replies | Reply
I have invested in cash-isa where the maximum I can put in is only 3600. Is there some other investment plan where I can invest on monthly basis and e...
Olga Boric
1/12/2009 19:26
Finance: Investments
No replies | Reply
I always get so much money back at the end of the year, almost $4,000. I would rather have some of that in my check each week, how much should I claim...
Telecom Advisor
1/12/2009 19:17
Finance: Tax Planning
2 replies | Reply
What is the resale probability of a condo that is 5-7 years old in the Atlanta housing market? ?
Larisa Zlatic
1/10/2009 11:43
Finance: Real Estate
No replies | Reply
What is the formula for annual rate of growth of earnings per share?
Zoran Ranisavljević
1/7/2009 13:19
Finance: Investments
No replies | Reply
Is there any stay on payment of service tax on rent?
Olga Boric
1/6/2009 11:06
Finance: Estate Planning
No replies | Reply
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